Always WT: West Texas A&M University Centennial History

Always WT: West Texas A&M University Centennial History

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Author: Marty Kuhlman

In 1910, after the urging of Texas Superintendant of Public Education Robert B. Cousins and a competition among various cities, the state legislature established West Texas State Normal College in Canyon. The college trained teachers for the growing Panhandle region and proved to be “more than brick and mortar” after the 1914 fire destroyed the administration building.

One-hundred years later, the institution has gone through a number of name changes but the dedication to education remains. West Texas A&M University has a rich history with a mixture of academics, faculty and administrators, students, sports, and arts and entertainment. The history of the institution often reflected regional, state, national, and even global events. Life-long Canyon resident, West Texas State University alumnus, and West Texas A&M history professor Dr. Marty Kuhlman spent years researching and writing the history.

The institution has enhanced the lives of everyone from alumni to citizens of Texas and beyond.

Every Buffalo Will Shine


Chapter One: Investing in the Future

Chapter Two: West Texas State Normal College (1910-1923)

Chapter Three: West Texas State Teachers College (1923-1949)

Student Life Over the Years

Chapter Four: West Texas State College (1949-1963)

Chapter Five: West Texas State University (1963-1990)

Chapter Six: West Texas A&M University (1990-2009)



About the Author: Marty Kuhlman was born May 13, 1961 and grew up in Canyon, Texas. He earned two bachelors and a master’s in history from West Texas State University.  He later earned a Ph.D. from Texas Tech in 1994 and has been a history professor at West Texas A&M University since 1994.
Details: 2010 [ISBN: 1-58107-035-7; 552 pages hard cover; 6 x 9 inch