Business Savvy for Today’s NEW Entrepreneur
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Business Savvy for Today’s NEW Entrepreneur

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Authors:  Marilyn M. Burns & Cathy Bolton McCullough

Now in its second edition, this "how-to" guide is a great field book for anyone with entrepreneurial fever. It can be used daily as a hands-on guidebook, a personal reference, a classroom textbook, or as a reference book for business start-up programs. It uses an action format with Decision Worksheets that keeps the reader focused on key issues, and drives home the constant need to question, research, learn, act, evaluate, and celebrate!

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    • Chapter 1: Explore Your Possibilities
    • Chapter 2: Examine Your Situation
    • Chapter 3: Investigate Your Idea
    • Chapter 4: Develop Your Plan
    • Chapter 5: Organize Your Business
    • Chapter 6: Connect With Your Market
    • Chapter 7: Plan Your Workspace
    • Chapter 8: Put Technology To Work
    • Chapter 9: Determine The Legal Operation
    • Chapter 10: Insure Your Business
    • Chapter 11: Protect Your Ideas
    • Chapter 12: Manage Your Finances
    • Chapter 13: Develop A Financial Plan
    • Chapter 14: Understand Business Taxes
    • Chapter 15: Price For Profit
  • Epilogue
  • List of Figures
  • List of Decision Worksheets
  • Appendix
  • Index

"Business Savvy for Today’s NEW Entrepreneur is the perfect book for the budding entrepreneur and for students. The Decision Worksheets are great! They, alone, are worth the price of the book."

Charles O. Heller, General Partner, Gabriel Venture Partners

"This is an excellent guide on all aspects of starting a business. It contains solid information that is especially helpful in this technological age."

Delores Cochrane, Associate Dean of Business, Central Community College

"This book is an excellent resource for anyone really serious about putting their time, effort, and hard-earned money into a new business."

John Nelson, CPA, President, Nelson, Frazier & Sheorey, Inc; and, 1990 SBA National Accountant Advocate of the Year

"Business Savvy for the NEW Entrepreneur is well written and researched by experienced business assistance professionals. It’s a great hands-on guidebook for anyone wanting to start a new business."

Karla Graham, Regional Economic Development Director, Oklahoma Department of Commerce

About the Author:

Marilyn Burns, Ph.D., is a nationally-recognized authority and leader for her pioneering efforts to promote entrepreneurial development and education for home-based and emerging businesses. Marilyn has over 15 years experience helping thousands start, develop, and grow successful businesses. An author, teacher, speaker, and consultant, Marilyn received awards from the U.S. Small Business Administration and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. She was also a National Top Ten Finalist for the Kaufmann Foundation Entrepreneurship Educator of the Year Award.

Cathy Bolton McCullough, M.S., has worked in the business development arena for over 15 years. She operated her own gourmet bakery and café, which began as a home-based business and grew to a storefront location. Cathy has consulted with numerous businesses, from start-ups to larger organizations. She has developed and worked with CEO Networks, and has made numerous national presentations in the areas of entrepreneurship, business management trends, organizational development, leadership, and women in business. Cathy received the SBA’s Five-State Regional Women in Business Advocate Award, and she has been featured in local, state, and national publications.

Details: 2004 (ISBN: 1-58107-091-8; 512 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 inch; soft cover)