Community College Futures: From Rhetoric to Reality
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Community College Futures: From Rhetoric to Reality

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Title: Community College Futures: From Rhetoric to Reality
Author: Edited by Neal A. Norris
Description: A theoretically sound and eminently practical resource to guide community college leaders in planning now for the twenty-first century world!
Edited by Neal A. Norris, this book is a collection of chapters by various authors with numerous appendixes for practical applications in futures programs. The first why-to, what-to, how-to futures book specifically developed for two-year college, adult, and corporate educators. It is a resource guide for community college leaders in planning now and for the twenty-first century.

Section One: Constructing a Futures Rationale
Chapter 1. The Community College as a Future-Oriented Community Learning System
    Neal A. Norris
Chapter 2. The Well-Futured Community College: Reaching Toward Tomorrow—Today
   Harold G. McMullen
Chapter 3. Wise Heads and Noble Hearts: The Legacy of Educators to the Nation's Future
    Patricia C. Brams

Section Two: Creating the Climate for Change
Chapter 4. The Difference is the Future
    Judith S. Eaton
Chapter 5. Planning Community College Futures
   Warren H. Groff
Chapter 6. Future-Oriented Issues Management in Maryland
    Paul G. Larkin

Section Three- Doin Futures Now
Chapter 7. Educating Community College Leaders: A Future-Oriented Course at UNC-Chapel Hill
   James L. Morrison & Edward M. Neal
Chapter 8. Reorienting the Commonwealth: The University of Massachusetts Model for Community Colleges
    Charlotte A. Rahaim
Chapter 9. Participating in the Future: The Human Ecology Program at Monroe Community College
    M. Garrett Bauman & R. H. Hezog
Chapter 10. Surveying the Human Future at Columbia-Green Community College: One Instructor's Approach
    Richard J. Schmonsky
Chapter 11. Future Studies: A Catalyst for Interdisciplinary Instruction and Curriculum at North Shore Community College
    Robert E. Baker

A: "The Two-Year College" Course Bibliography
B: "The Two-Year College" Course Study
C: Orange County Community College Initial Plan
D: How to Be an Environmental Scanning Monitor
E: Implementing ED QUEST at Orange County Community College 3
F: “Global Interdependence" Course Outline
G: "Technology and Values" Course Outline
H: "Technology and Literature" Course Outline
I: "The Individual in Society" Course Outline
J: “Health for Life" Course Outline
K: “Self-Reliance" Course Outline
L: “Future Studies" Course Outline and Sample Stimulus Questions
M: "Survey of the Human Future" Course Outline and Sample Stimulus Readings
N: Futures Simulation Games Created by Richard Schmonsky
0: Evaluation Alternatives for "Future Studies" Course at Columbia-Green Community College
P: "Humanities and Technology: Questions for the Future" Course
Q: "Introduction to the Study of the Future" Course Outline
R: "Male-Female Roles: Developing Gender Identities" Course Outline
S: "Science, Technology and Human Values" Course Outline
T: “Futures: A Psychological Perspective" Course Outline Developed by Louise Bronson at Pima College, East Campus, Tucson, Arizona
U: An Introductory Non-Annotated Bibliography of Societal and Educational Futures Resources for Two-Year College Educators Created by Don Glines

Details: 1989 [ISBN: 0-913507-09-1; 230 pages soft cover; 8.5-by-11-inch]