Context and Content in the Preparation of Future Faculty
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Context and Content in the Preparation of Future Faculty

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Studies in Graduate and Professional Student Development, Number 13

Editor:   Laura L. B. Border


Description:  This edited book series serves as a guide to the study of improved training, employment and administration of graduate and professional student development programs. A new publication that addresses a critical need in higher education. The series is designed to highlight all aspects of professional development of graduate and professional students.

Editor’s Introduction / xi

            Laura L. B. Border


Section 1— How Graduate Students View the Graduate

            School Experience / 1

Chapter 1—Doctoral Students Make Meaning of Their

            Experience: A Constructivist Inquiry / 2

            Katherine Vahey, Patricia Witkowsky, Jessica Rehling, & Sarun Saifah

Chapter 2—Instructional Concerns of Kinesiology Basic Instruction

            Program Graduate Teaching Assistants / 23

            Jared A. Russell


Section 2—Educating Graduate Students for Their Roles

            as College Instructors / 43

Chapter 3—A Prep Course for Graduate Teaching Assistants:

            Building a Community / 44

            Gili Marbach-Ad, Patricia A. Shields, Bretton W. Kent,

            Bill Higgins, & Katerina V. Thompson

Chapter 4—A Pedagogy Course’s Influence on Graduate

            Students’ Self-Awareness as Teacher-Scholars / 59

            Lauren Miller Griffith, Valerie Dean O’Loughlin,

            Katherine D. Kearns, Mark Braun, & Isaac Heacock


Section 3—The Challenges Involved in the Education

            of Future Faculty / 83

Chapter 5—Student Engagement Challenges in Teaching

            about Controversial Issues / 84

            Jacki Fitzpatrick, Jeremy Boden, & Erin Kostina-Ritchey

Chapter 6—Students’ Perceptions of Lesson Objectives in

            Introductory Mathematics Courses Taught

            by Teaching Assistants / 103

            Jeff Meyer, Matt Elsey, & Vilma Mesa

Chapter 7— The Effectiveness of Online Case-based Instruction

            on International Teaching Assistants’ Presentation and

            Active Listening Strategies / 121

            Shenghua Zha & Gail Fitzgerald


Section 4—Models in Context: Educating Graduate Students

            for Future Roles as Academics / 135

Chapter 8—An Interdisciplinary Approach to Graduate TA Training:

            A Reflection of Best Practice / 136

            Barbi T. Honeycutt, Miriam Ferzli, Tamah Morant,

            & Sarah Egan Warren

Chapter 9—One Process, Two Contexts: Collaborating to

            Design Professional Development for Graduate

            Student Educators / 152

            Michele M. Welkener


About the Editor:

Dr. Laura L. B. Border is Director of the Graduate Teacher Program at the University of Colorado - Boulder.

Details:  2010 [ISBN: 1-58107-207-4; 182 pages; 6 x 9 inch; soft cover]