Creating Products in the Age of Design (eBook)
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Creating Products in the Age of Design (eBook)

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Susan P. Besemer


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Description: Increasingly in today’s commercial world, good design plays an important role in consumers’ judgments of products. Shoppers are becoming more aware of and more sophisticated about style. Now they demand not only quality, but also good design and value in the products they buy. This awareness of style is becoming a “tiebreaker” in the decision to buy. This trend affects the success of any product, whether it is targeted at consumers, or at highly specialized, technical or industrial clients. If product developers and inventors fail to take this phenomenon into consideration, they are in danger of not achieving their greatest success, no matter how new and useful their products may be. This book is intended to be helpful and informative whether you’re a student in design, engineering or marketing; a businessperson with an already-successful product line; or an inventor with a bright idea that you hope to sell to someone else for commercialization. Or, you may simply have one terrific idea, and wish to bring it into reality. In order to remain profitable nowadays, successful companies must continuously generate a stream of many new product ideas and carefully develop some of them to serve the marketplace. As a product’s life cycle wanes, another must be ready to replace it.
  • Preface vii
  • 1. Creating Products People Want to Buy
    • Getting started in New Product Development
    • The Model T Ford
    • The Macintosh Computer
    • The Compact Disc
    • The Edsel
    • The Osborne 1
    • The Highway Hi-Fi
  • 2. New Product Development: Risky Business
    • Ideation
    • Initial Screening
    • Concept Assessment
    • Concept Development
    • Product Testing with Consumers
    • Other Factors
  • 3. Why We Buy: Unraveling the Complex Purchase Decision
    • Psychological Factors
    • Socioeconomic Factors
  • 4. Market Research – Understanding Consumers through Market Segmentation
    • Marketing and the Setting for Buying
    • Branding
    • Involving the Customer
    • Looking Forward
  • 5. Creative Product Analysis for Innovation
    • The Research Story 41
    • Other Research Using the CPSS and Creative Product Analysis
    • Exploring Creative Product Analysis in the Real World
  • 4. Make it New, Useful, and Appealing!
    • What About Novelty?
    • It’s Got to Solve the Problem: Resolution
    • The Importance of Style
  • 5. Celebrating Style in the Age of Design
    • A Brief History of Style
    • Raymond Loewy – Master of Style
    • MAYA Style
  • 6. Looking in Depth at the Creative Product Analysis Model
    • CPAM Dimensions: Novelty
      • Facets of Novelty: Original
      • Facets of Novelty: Surprise
    • CPAM Dimensions: Resolution
      • Facets of Resolution: Logical
      • Facets of Resolution: Useful
      • Facets of Resolution: Valuable
      • Facets of Resolution: Understandable
    • CPAM Dimensions: Style
      • Facets of Style: Well-Crafted
      • Facets of Style: Organic
      • Facets of Style: Elegant
    • Improving Products by Refining CPAM Dimensions
  • 7. A Time for Play; A Time for Caution
    • Playing Around with Ideas for New Products
    • Improving a Household Sponge
    • Brainstorming
    • Attribute Listing
    • Let’s Give Product Improvement a Try!
  • 8. Addressing Some of the Constraints of Developing New Products
    • Financial Constraints
    • Time Constraints
    • Legal and Regulatory Constraints
    • Marketing Constraints
    • Performance Constraints
    • Design Constraints
  • 9. Doing a Creative Product Analysis Study
    • Gauging the Right Degree of Novelty
    • How to Interpret and Understand a CPSS Product Profile
  • Appendices
    • References Cited in Text or Glossary
    • Selected Publications Citing Creative Product Analysis
    • A Glossary of Some of the Specialized Terms of Creative Product Analysis
    • The Creative Product Analysis Model (CPAM)
  • Index
About the Author: Dr. Susan Besemer has a passion for products. Her company, ideafusion, works with organizations that want to give fair and formative judgments about their products using her own online assessment measure, the Creative Product Semantic Scale (CPSS).
Details: 2006 (ISBN: 1-58107-119-1; 216 pages, 5 /12 x 8 1/2, soft cover)