Dollars & Sense: A Guide to Financial Security
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Dollars & Sense: A Guide to Financial Security

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Authors: Sherry Raines & William Austin

A comprehensive financial literacy education resource for young adults ranging in age from 17 to 25 was almost non-existent -- until now. In fun, interesting, and relevant workbook format, each chapter of Dollars & Sense contains to-the-point instructional text and practical worksheets and examples. This hands-on application allows the student to become better acclimated to the realities of managing his or her own personal finances as well as serve as a resource for obtaining information and assistance. Additionally, the book can become a permanent fixture of a student’s library, as a means of reference long after it is first read and the worksheets completed. Dollars & Sense fills an obvious curriculum gap in schools, colleges, and universities throughout the nation. It serves as a teaching and discussion resource for parents and educators, many of whom may still be perplexed by financial literacy themselves.


Chapter 1. Your Financial Lifeline

Chapter 2. Your Net Worth: The Resources You Begin With

Chapter 3. Budget? What’s a Budget?

Chapter 4. Earning Money & Paying Taxes

Chapter 5. Basic Financial Decisions: True Dollars & Sense

Chapter 6. Financing Education/Loans

Chapter 7. Credit, Credit Scores, Credit Cards

Chapter 8. Employee Benefits

Chapter 9. Insurance Basics

Chapter 10. Investment 101

Chapter 11. Retirement

Chapter 12. My Financial Success Story


Appendix: Sample W-4, Risk Tolerance Questionnaire, Important Resources


Sherry Raines has provided a simple, practical guide to every day financial information that can be used by students at all levels. This basic information is invaluable and can really help students manage their finances as they begin the transition to life as independent adults. Definitely required reading for all students!
Connie Duffy, Vice President, Human Resources, Horiba Jobin Yvon, Inc.

Sherry’s commitment to helping young people have the best possible financial start in life is relentless. This resource highlights the critical information needed to successfully manage the complex financial choices they will face in their near future. As a professional and a mother she brings a unique and easy to understand perspective to these important issues. Bravo!
Kimberly Martinez, President, Bonitas International

In the fifteen years I’ve known Sherry, I have always found her to be driven and to succeed at all she attempts, whether that be mentoring a high-potential employee, teaching a financial education class, or making a presentation at a business meeting. She has a real interest in helping others to succeed and a knack for transferring knowledge so that the learning process is effortless. Her goal is always to help people so that they can grow and help themselves. It’s been a pleasure to call Sherry first a colleague, then my financial planner, but always a friend for these many years.
Gregory Wells, Vice President, Learning and Development, Chubb Corporation

About the Author:

Sherry Raines, a Certified Financial Educator and Certified Long Term Care Consultant has worked in the Financial Services industry for over 25 years. She spent the first half of her career developing new programs and services for a Fortune 500 Financial Services Company. Sherry then built a successful business as a Financial Representative, providing comprehensive financial advice to individuals, small businesses and mid-sized firms. She has conducted numerous seminars for businesses and organizations on subjects ranging from income protection, retirement strategies, college funding, understanding investments and personal finance. Most recently, Sherry has been utilizing her financial services expertise by teaching financial literacy to young adults at colleges and high schools. Sherry lives in New Jersey with her husband and family. She enjoys staying active as a member of the Executive Women’s Golf Association and participating in women’s fitness events.

Dr. William “Will” Austin currently serves as Warren County Community College’s fourth president. With the appointment of Dr. Austin, Warren County received the distinction of creating state history by having the youngest President, at the age of 33, to ever lead a College in the State of New Jersey. Dr. Austin earned his Bachelor’s of Arts from Loyola College (MD), Masters of Arts from Temple University, and a Doctorate in Education from Nova Southeastern University. In his tenure as a recognized community college leader, Dr. Austin developed a new strategic planning process, detailed in his book, Strategic Planning for Smart Leadership published by New Forums Press that is used as a text in graduate schools throughout the nation.

Details: 2007 [ISBN: 1-58107-140-X; 132 pages; 8 x 10 inch; soft cover]