Dynamic Thinking

Dynamic Thinking

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Title: Dynamic Thinking: Models for Organizational Leadership
Author: William Robert Perry

Dynamic Thinking is an innovative and original process to increase a person’s level of influence while improving his or her ability to deal more effectively with other people. This valuable resource includes practical models and straightforward methods of solving problems, influencing others, communicating effectively, creating vision, and planning for success!

Leadership requires vision and influence. Dynamic Thinking examines yesterday’s events and today’s reality to predict likely outcomes for tomorrow. Having a vision for tomorrow requires a clear vision of the present. Tomorrow is inherent in today. Seeing the current reality is the beginning of using "Dynamic Thinking!

Imagine the power of knowing what is likely to happen five years or even five minutes into the future! Dynamic Thinking uses practical models of human behavior to help determine what is really happening in group situations, why it is happening, and most importantly what might happen next.


Introduction VII

  • Dynamic Thinking: Creating Vision 1
  • Dynamic of Purpose: Focusing on Why and How 17
  • Dynamic of Aligned Action: Turning Diversity into Results 27
  • Dynamic of Planning: Turning Ideas into Results 31
  • Dynamic of Authority and Responsibility: Balancing a Group Toward Productivity 47
  • Dynamic of Leadership: Using Influence and Vision to Provide Force and Direction for the Group 61
  • Dynamic of Force and Motivation: Using the Natural Momentum of People's Wants and Needs to Determine a Group's Course 75
  • Dynamic of Groupthink: Overcoming Peer Pressure and Negative Attitudes in Groups 93
  • Dynamic of Problem Solving: Don't Worry About Problems…Solve Them, by the P.A.S.E. Problem Solving Model 101
  • Dynamic of Change: Breaking the Force of the Status Quo for Continuous Process Improvement 111
  • Dynamic of Conflict: Controlling Conflicts and Using the Creative Energy of Conflict for Organizational Results 123
  • Dynamic of Character: Determining the Assurance, Attitude, and Actions to Maximize the Effectiveness of the Group 135
  • Dynamic Attitude: Strategies for Dealing with Destructive Attitudes 147
  • Dynamic of Communication: Developing an Open Communication Strategy to Improve the Harmony and Success of a Group 163
  • Using Dynamic Thinking: Practical Suggestions to Maximize Your Leadership Potential 191

Glossary 209
Index 215

About the Author:

William Robert Perry is the Director of Adult Education at the Gordon Cooper Technology Center in Shawnee, Oklahoma. He is a Small Business Consultant and Coordinator working with entrepreneurs and small businesses on business planning, marketing, and management training. Having once managed a small, family furniture business for many years, he consults and facilitates strategic planning for volunteer and community groups such as the United Way, Youth and Family Services, and Habitat for Humanity. He is President-Elect of Oklahoma’s Customized Business and Industry Training Services 230-member organization.

Details: 2002; ISBN:1-58107-056-X