Education in Bosnia: Language, Religion, and Control

Education in Bosnia: Language, Religion, and Control

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Author: Doug McCreight

This book investigates the forces shaping the development of education systems in Bosnia and the impact those historical forces may, or may not, have on the condition of current secondary education in Bosnia today.

It is the first book to examine the development of education in Bosnia as a system. It focuses on the impact of language, religion and control mechanisms on the education process of the region. The book outlines the historical forces shaping Bosnia education with particular attention to the Austro-Hungarian and Communist periods. It also examines in detail the development of the military systems of the country. The current state of secondary education is surveyed and analyzed to provide the reader a view of the education system today.

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  1. The Developing Centuries: 9th to 19th centuries
  2. Education in the Austro-Hungarian Period: 50 Years of Growth
  3. Education in the Communist Years: 50 Years of the Iron Hand
  4. The Military Education Systems of Bosnia: Warsaw Pact to NATO
  5. Secondary Education in Bosnia Today: Hypotheses and Surveys
  6. The Future: Reconciling Language, Religion and Control
About the Author:

Doug McCreight served 22 years as a US Army Infantry officer in mechanized, Ranger, airborne and special operations units. In his Army life he has worked on every continent (except Africa) and with people from all cultures and philosophies of the world.

He has degrees as a Master of Military Arts and Science, a Master of Arts in Teaching with a Concentration in European History and Ph.D. in Balkan Education Systems. This book stems from his work in Bosna i Hercegovina for over three years living and studying the people and systems described within.

He now works as a consultant in Fayetteville, North Carolina with a principal focus on Consequence Management of Weapons of Mass Destruction and Training Simulations.

Details: 2001 [ISBN: 1-58107-046-2]; 164 pages, soft cover, 8.25-by-10.75 inches