Helping Your Child Live With a Developmental Delay
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Helping Your Child Live With a Developmental Delay

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A Practical Guide to the Dos and Don'ts




Robin L. Atkinson




An absolute must-have book for any parent of a child living with a developmental delay! The book is simple, straightforward, and down-to-earth; while also packed with useful information and resources on a host of essential topics. With over 25 years experience, Robin Atkinson has an intimate understanding of the challenges that children with developmental delays, their parents, and their families face. In this book she provides a clear, compassionate, and hopeful guide with very concrete, practical tools and strategies that will leave parents feeling comforted, informed, empowered, and hopeful.


“How Can I Help You?"
Developmentally Delayed ...What’s That?
All Those Acronyms!
Routines and Transitions
Finding the Perfect Fit
Let’s All Calm Down (techniques)
The Family Dynamic
Being a Team Player
A Few of My Favorite Things
Some Helpful Resources
Appendix: Photos of Useful Tools


About the Author:

Robin Atkinson has been teaching Special Education for 25 years.  She received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Special Education from the University of Oklahoma and her Master’s degree in Learning and Leadership with an emphasis in Special Education from Oklahoma State University.

Robin has taught special education in different regions across the country and in a variety of settings: the traditional public school, the self-contained classroom, the inclusive classroom, and the residential facility classroom.  She has also worked in the extended school program setting as well as the homebound instruction setting. 

Robin began her teaching career in 1985 where she taught in Norman, Oklahoma. In the late 1990s she moved to North Carolina where she taught as well; but, as a native Oklahoman, her roots kept calling her home. In 2001 she moved to Stillwater, Oklahoma, where she lives today with her teenage son and their dog Rose.  She currently serves the Stillwater public school system as the District Special Education Teacher for the three-year-old Developmentally Delayed Program.

Details: 2013 [ISBN: 1-58107--248-1; 85 pages, 5 x 8, soft cover]