Applied Creative Thinking Bundle Case Studies in College Leadership
Applied Creative Thinking BundleCase Studies in College Leadership

The Applied Creative Thinking Bundle includes the works Introduction to Applied Creative Thinking, Teaching Applied Creative Thinking, It Works for Me Creatively, and a free one-year online subscription to The Journal of Faculty Development. We...

The case studies presented in this book are all based on real-world scenarios that require critical thinking, breaking down silos of responsibility, and finding solutions where none are immediately clear. 



Emerging Trends in Higher Education Engaging Millennial Faculty
Emerging Trends in Higher EducationEngaging Millennial Faculty

The Authors: M ichael G. Strawser, James D. Breslin, & Adam Elias Description: As the higher education market becomes more saturated with competition and as enrollment demographics continue to shift, universities must become more adept at...

The Authors: M ichael G. Strawser & Russell Carpenter Description: As a platform for discussing workplace effectiveness and workplace differences, generational differences help provide context. Unfortunately, generational differences in...



Great Teachers: Exploring Excellence in Education Higher Education in Africa & the United States
Great Teachers: Exploring Excellence in EducationHigher Education in Africa & the United States

Author: Kevin P. Bartram Description: We all know the results of great teaching: happy, successful students who are engaged in the classroom and love learning. But how do these results come about? Are there common traits, tools, or approaches...

An analysis of issues that shape the educational experience of blacks in Africa and the US.



Innovations in Teaching & Learning It Works for Me with Critical Thinking
Innovations in Teaching & LearningIt Works for Me with Critical Thinking
Subtitle: Inaugural Proceedings of the 2017 Pedagogicon Description: This collection provided presenters from the May 2017 Pedagogicon, held at the Crabbe Library on Eastern Kentucky University’s campus, with an opportunity to turn their...

Authors: Charlie Sweet, Hal Blythe, & Russell Carpenter Description: When asked, “What’s your elevator pitch for higher education?” Cornell University Professor of Economics Robert Frank offered an explanation that...



It Works for Me with High Impact Practices Life’s Junctures & Sustaining Qualities
It Works for Me with High Impact PracticesLife’s Junctures & Sustaining Qualities


Description: Subtitle: Exploring the Dynamism Inherent in One’s Life Path & Attaining Equilibrium This guidebook’s purpose is to emphasize the dynamism inherent in a life path and to identify key qualities that sustain one along a...



Meet Me at the Commons Our Right to Know in Oklahoma, 2021 Edition
Meet Me at the CommonsOur Right to Know in Oklahoma, 2021 Edition

Here is a book that will describe the connection of the Common Core Standards to higher education teaching and learning.

Author: Joey Senat Description: Public records and meetings provide notice of the official actions taken by government and the process by which government reached those decisions, giving citizens the opportunity to see what their government is...



Student-Centered Teaching & Learning
Student-Centered Teaching & Learning

Subtitle: Proceedings of the 2018 Pedagogicon Description: In both research and practice, the role of teacher and learner has shifted over recent years. In the traditional approach to college teaching, the instructor was the “sage on the...