Let's Go to the Tackle Store and Fondle the Plugs

Let's Go to the Tackle Store and Fondle the Plugs

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Title: Let's Go to the Tackle Store and Fondle the Plugs
Author: JoAnn Phillips (illustrated by Michael D. Kirchhoff)
Description: If you are looking for steamy bedroom scenes, some heavy breathing and international intrigue, this is your kind of book. You wouldn't believe the heart palpations and the absolute euphoria that comes with landing a 6 lb. bass; by the same token, the heartbreak (followed by a little profanity) of loosing a nece fish right up beside the boat.

Most of the bedroom scenes take place between 3:00 and 4:00 A.M. as we stumble around half-asleep, trying to get dressed, fill the coffee bottle, pack some lunch in the ice chest and all the time trying to remember our instructions from the pre-tournament meeting the night before.

Seriously now, when we tie onto the boat and head for the lake, I always wonder, "What kind of trip this one will be?" (I also think to myself, "What Have I forgotten?" (There seems to an epidemic of that going around these days: forgerfulness, that is.)

As we drive, we reminisce about the last time we fished this particular lake or about our last trip out with the boat. We have met so many peole who have become good friends; have had so many wonderful experiences; some funny, some sad and a few down right scary, but always we have FUN.


Contents: Chapter
  1. Spring at Last
  2. Not a Good Day on the Lake
  3. Too Much Pressure
  4. Choctaw County
  5. Saved by Walmart Again
  6. A Dream Come True
  7. Walleye Don't Like White Woman
  8. Armed With Only a Can of Raid
  9. Talk About Scared
  10. Unbelievable
  11. Free Spirit and a Mean Northern
  12. "Awesome"
  13. Hello, Red Dog Saloon?
  14. Do You Remember?
  15. What the Heck, No Place is Perfect
  16. Hooked on the Toledo Bend
  17. The Fish Lords are Mad at Me Again
  18. Fishing with the Big Boys
  19. Cold Night in Albuquerque
  20. In Case I Have You Committed
  21. Little White Lies
  22. Chihuahua!
  23. Getting to Know You, . . .
  24. Talk About Bad Luck
  25. Alligators Galore
  26. Snow Storm in Selma
  27. Flippin Breakers
  28. I Got One!!!
  29. Tumbleweed
  30. Billy Wasn't There (Jimmy Wasn't Either)
  31. Hospitality, Southern Style
  32. OOPS!
  33. Hello, I'm From Oxford
  34. Oh No! Not Florida Again
  35. Ruffin' It
  36. $100,000 Pot
  37. Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away?
  38. I'll Bet That SOB's from Oklahoma
  39. Even Been To Warsaw?
  40. Canada Calls Again
  41. Fishin' Ain't All Fun and Games
  42. Life is Full of Little Surprises
  44. If Tombstones Could Talk
  45. Big Enough to Keep
Reviews: "Knowing JoAnn and Boyd Phillips' love for the American outdoors and friends to share it with, I find Let's Go to the Tackle Store and Fondle Some Plugs the story of two unpretentious people who built a lifetime of happiness and fun around family and fishing!" -Eugene A. Cernan, NASA Astronaut — the second American to walk in space and the last man to leave his footprints on the surface of the moon.

"Let's Go to the Tackle Store and Fondle Some Plugs is funny, witty, absorbing, and a totally fantastic read. Anyone who's ever gone fishing — even the novice — will find it a big catch! I absolutely couldn't put it down. JoAnn Phillips can really spin a tale." -Johnny Quarles, author of Brack, Varro, Fools Gold, and No Man's Land

"There are no earth shaking events or tales of deep intrique on these pages — unless you call yourself an angler. What's contained herein are simple stories written about simple people — evan as you and I. Some are happy, some are poignant and some merely relate a happening. Simply put, it is a tribute to a singular dedication, a compilation of an angler's adventures in her search to feel a wiggle on the end of her line." -Sugar Ferris

About the Author: JoAnn Phillips describes herself a a "Late Bloomer". Her love of fishing inspired her to write her first book. Encouraged by family and friends, she wrote her first children's book, The Run According to Hawkeye the Prairie Dog.

She was born and grew up in Illinois. She graduated from Phillips University and taught Jr. High School before becoming a dropout. She and her husband, Boyd, live in Enid, Oklahoma. They have two children, Stanley R. Phillips and Virginia Groendyke.

Details: 1994, ISBN: 0-913507-58-X (174 pages soft cover, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches)