Maine Media Law Guide
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Maine Media Law Guide

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Title: Maine Media Law Guide : A Guide for Reporters and Journalists
Author: Maine State Bar Association
Description: The MAINE MEDIA LAW GUIDE brings between two covers a valuable reference to state law affecting communication professionals and students. Written for the layperson, it examines issues that occur in daily news-gathering activities, such as libel, open records, and reporter privilege.
Media law is consistently evolving, and Maine law is no exception. With timely updates covering this dynamic field, The Maine Media Law Guide will earn its place on every media professional's desk
About the Author: The Maine State Bar Association was founded in 1891 by an act of the Legislature. The Association is committed to providing membership services and benefits, promoting the practice of law, and the fair administration of justice.
Comprised of sole practitioners, small and large firm attorneys, corporate counsel, judges, law professors and public service attorneys from across the state, the Maine State Bar Association has more than 2,700 members.
Details: [1993] ISBN: 0-913507-42-3 (128 pages soft cover, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches)