Managing Change: The Challenge of Continuous Improvement
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Managing Change: The Challenge of Continuous Improvement

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Title: Managing Change: The Challenge of Continuous Improvement
Author: F. Michael Horton
Description: This resource written by F. Michael Horton, Ed.D., a vital issue that everyone must address -- change! Because change is a reality in all parts of our lives it is vital that we learn to deal with it effectively in our work. Organizations must be dedicated to high performance through continuous improvement, which means that everyone must be looking for opportunities to make the kind of changes which stimulate innovation. Organizational change means personal change. Dr. Horton has designed his "workshop" to help you grow in your capability to manage the changes that challenge your performance and the performance of your employees.

Getting Started

  1. Section One: Understanding Change
    1. Session One: Perspective and Change
      • Thinking About Change
      • Change as Continuous Improvement
      • Change in Proper Perspective
      • Personal Learning Summary
    2. Session Two: Behavior and Change
      • Constructive Responses to Change
      • Flexibility: The Art of Smart Change
      • Flexibility: A Parable
      • Personal Learning Summary
    3. Session Three: Feelings and Change
      • Introduction
      • From Loss to Opportunity
      • Feelings and Performance
      • Performance: Compliance—Commitment
      • Motivation: The Needed
    4. Session Four: Intention and Change
      • The Role of Intentions
      • Intentions As Goals
      • Personal Learning Summary
  2. Section Two: Managing Change
    Survey: Supervisory Attitudes About Change
    1. Session One: Assessing the Change Situation
      • A Classification System For Change Situations
      • Variables: Getting A Handle on the Situation
      • Variables Analysis
      • Personal Learning Summary
    2. Session Two: Planning for Change
      • Leader Preparation
      • Planning Step by Step
      • Change Plan Feedback
      • Personal Learning Summary
    3. Session Three: Communicating Change
      • Introduction
      • Communicating Change Guidelines
      • The Change Announcement
      • Personal Learning Summary
    4. Session Four: Leadership and Change
      • Leadership Skills During Change
      • Coaching For Flexibility: The Tales of Two Supervisors
      • Decision Making Styles
      • Examining the Styles
      • Change and Personal Mastery
      • Personal Learning Summary

Addendum A: Learning Checklist

Addendum B: Identifying Obstacles

Addendum C: Dealing With Resistance

About the Author:

F. Michael Horton, Ed.D., works with organizations to maximize the challenge of continuous improvement. In addition to his published workshops, “Managing Change” and “Leadership Styles,” he tailors learning events for organizations needing facilitation in staff development, leadership training, and team communication skills.
Dr Horton has consulted with large and small organizations. With graduate degrees in education and psychology, he specializes in maximizing performance within systems. He is available to conduct events for your organization or train your leadership to facilitate his courses.

Details: 1993 [ISBN: 0-913507-85-7; 72 pages spiral; 8.5-by-11-inch]