Mass Communication Law in New Mexico
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Mass Communication Law in New Mexico

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This title is in its 2nd Edition.
Title: Mass Communication Law in New Mexico
Author: Steven Pasternack
Description: This book is designed to be a valuable reference to state law affecting communication professionals and students. It presents a comprehensive yet concise examination of issues related to media and communication law in New Mexico. It examines issues that rise in daily news-gathering and reporting activities. Such issues include privacy, obscenity, and advertising laws as well as open meeting, open records, trial access, and newspersons privilege provisions. This is an important, easy source for all those whose life or profession makes them vulnerable to potential lawsuits due to infractions of the media/communication laws.
  • Chapter 1: Freedom of Speech
    • Early Speech Cases
    • Picketing
    • Loud, Abusive Speech
    • Distribution of Literature
    • Employee and Student Speech
    • First Amendment Right to Associate
    • Notes
    • Publication
    • Identification
    • Defamation
    • The Public Defense
    • Defenses
    • Truth
    • Privilege
    • Damages
    • Criminal Libel
    • Miscellaneous Matters
    • Notes
    • Publication of Private Facts
    • Intrusion
    • Appropriation
    • False Light
    • Publication Causing Emotional Distress, Physical Harm
    • Who May Sue?
    • Privacy Damages
    • Summarizing the Defenses
    • Notes
    • Deceptive Advertising
    • Professional Advertising
    • Regulation of Other Businesses, Products
    • Billboards and Signs
    • Specific Advertising Bans
    • Liability for Advertising Errors
    • Campaign Advertising
    • Utilities and Advertising
    • Discrimination in Advertising
    • Taxation and Advertising
    • Notes
    • Specific Laws
    • Laws to Protect Juveniles
    • Notes
    • Publicity and Judicial Remedies
    • Access to Information About the Jury
    • Juveniles and the Courts
    • Access to Information
    • Standing
    • Open Hearings
    • Grand Jury
    • Restraints on Publication and Speech
    • Sound and Pictures in the Courtroom
  • Chapter 2: Libel
  • Chapter 3: Invasion of Privacy
  • Chapter 4: Regulation of Advertising
  • Chapter 5: Obscenity and Pornography
  • Chapter 6: The Media and the Courts
About the Author:

Steven Pasternack is Professor of Journalism and head of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communications at New Mexico State University. He has published numerous articles and papers on various aspects of mass media. He was a Fulbright Scholar in Latvia in 1993 and continues consulting and research work in the Baltic States. He has served as an expert witness in several libel and privacy cases. He received the B.A. degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Queens College, the M.S. in Journalism and Mass Communication from Iowa State University and the Ph.D. in Communications from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville.

Details: 2000; ISBN: 0-913507-49-0 (173 pages soft cover; 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inch)