Handbook for Higher Education Faculty A Passing of Time – at Moore, Oklahoma
Handbook for Higher Education FacultyA Passing of Time – at Moore, Oklahoma
The Author: David Garrett Way Description: Subtitle: A Framework & Principles for Success in Teaching This book has been written and organized to prepare critically reflective teachers to take their place in society and to do that with the...

Subtitle: “If there had been any less, there wouldn’t have been any Moore” Author: Clyde Shroyer Description: The community of Moore is, especially fortunate to have been included so often, and so generously, in published events...



A Playbook for Research Methods Academic Writing
A Playbook for Research MethodsAcademic Writing

This book uses football as a metaphor to examine aspects of empirical research often overlooked in typical research methods texts. It introduces basic project management tools to the process of writing a paper.

Finally, here is a book that provides faculty development practitioners key tools to help professors address the demands of the “publish or perish world.



Achieving Excellence in Teaching: A Self-help Guide Aging in Good Health
Achieving Excellence in Teaching: A Self-help GuideAging in Good Health

Authors: Charlie Sweet, Hal Blythe, Bill Phillips, & Chris Daniel Description: So, how do college faculty and high school teachers become better teachers? Too often through trial and error as well as modeling their graduate professors. Aye,...

Subtitle: A Guide to Preserving Good Health through the Third State of Life Author:  Esther Winterfeldt, Ph.D. Description: Aging is an ongoing process that literally begins following birth. Both physical and mental changes occur throughout...



Aging in Good Mental Health Applied Creative Thinking Bundle
Aging in Good Mental HealthApplied Creative Thinking Bundle

Subtitle: A Guide to Preserving Good Mental Health Editor:  Esther Winterfeldt, Ph.D. Description: Aging is an ongoing process that literally begins following birth. Both physical and mental changes occur throughout every life stage until after...

The Applied Creative Thinking Bundle includes the works Introduction to Applied Creative Thinking, Teaching Applied Creative Thinking, It Works for Me Creatively, and a free one-year online subscription to The Journal of Faculty Development. We...



Bad Medicine Byron Berline
Bad MedicineByron Berline

Full Title: Bad Medicine Description: Playboy. Gambler. Pioneer. Oilman. Politician. Eccentric. Philanthropist. These titles and many more have been used to describe E.W. Marland, oil tycoon and tenth governor of Oklahoma. But in the midst of all...

Subtitle: ? A Fiddler's Diary Authors: ? Byron Berline with Jane Frost Description: Forty years of journal entries document the L.A. recording industry from the Rolling Stones to the Byrds, and Alvin and the Chipmunks. They include hilarious...



Graduate Student Teaching Awards Helping Your Child Live With a Developmental Delay
Graduate Student Teaching AwardsHelping Your Child Live With a Developmental Delay

Series Title: Studies in Graduate and Professional Student Development, Number 14 Editor: Laura L. B. Border Description: Now Available This edited book series serves as a guide to the study of improved training, employment and administration of...

Subtitle: A Practical Guide to the Dos and Don'ts Author:  Robin L. Atkinson Description:  An absolute must-have book for any parent of a child living with a developmental delay! The book is simple, straightforward, and down-to-earth; while...



Hints for Success in School It Works for Me, Flipping the Classroom
Hints for Success in SchoolIt Works for Me, Flipping the Classroom

Author: Joe Deely Description: “Joseph Deely’s Hints for Success are practical, easy to understand, and get right to the point. All students (and teachers and parents too) can look through these hints to find ones that can help them....

Full Title: It Works for Me, Flipping the Classroom: Shared Tips for Effective Teaching Description: Our primary goal in assembling this collection is to convince faculty to experiment with the “flipped” classroom. Given the...



It Works for Me, Metacognitively Lady Leathernecks
It Works for Me, MetacognitivelyLady Leathernecks
The Author: Hal Blythe, Charlie Sweet, & Russell Carpenter Description: Metacognition reveals teaching and learning to students with a focus on teaching students how to apply learning strategies. Perhaps most importantly, though,...

Complete Title: Author: Lady Leathernecks: The Enigma of Women in the United States Marine Corps Connie Brownson Description: In contrast to the militant tactics of radical feminists and “living legends” vignettes, the research...



Meet Me at the Commons Motivating Teaching in Higher Education with Technology
Meet Me at the CommonsMotivating Teaching in Higher Education with Technology

Here is a book that will describe the connection of the Common Core Standards to higher education teaching and learning.

Authors: Jay R. Wilson & Edwin G. Ralph Description: The authros created this manual particularly for beginning instructors at the post-secondary level who have never had formal teacher training. They not only present the essentials of...



Navigating the Dissertation (Second Edition) New Frontiers in Sensory Integration
Navigating the Dissertation (Second Edition)New Frontiers in Sensory Integration

Author: Marianne Di Pierro Description: Subtitle: Strategies for New Doctoral Advising Faculty and Their Advisees This book examines the intricacies of the doctoral educational process and delineates a process for continuous improvement that will...

Full Title: New Frontiers in Sensory Integration: Limbic Stimulation, Authentic Relationship and a Multi-Disciplinary Treatment Design Author: Stephanie Mines, Ph.D. Description: This is a book that speaks to educational professionals, parents,...



Oklahoma Music Guide Options: Constructing Your House of Fiction
Oklahoma Music GuideOptions: Constructing Your House of Fiction

Subtitle: Biographies, Big Hits & Annual Events Author: Hugh W. Foley, Jr. Description: Started as a personal project of interest in the late 1980s the author discovered that several important jazz musicians came from Musko­gee,...

Authors:  Hal Blythe & Charlie Sweet Description: Available December 1, 2013! Options: Constructing Your House of Fiction is the perfect handbook for those who have always wanted to write a piece of fiction, be it a novel or short story....



Returning to College, Continuing to Learn, After 50 Rodeo Stories II
Returning to College, Continuing to Learn, After 50Rodeo Stories II

Subtitle: Stories of 15 Individuals Who Made a College Comeback and a Commitment to Lifelong Learning Author: Susan Sarver Description: Thinking about entering college or embarking on a new educational path but hesitating because the faculty and...

Author: Chimp Robertson Description: The start of this book corresponded with the increasing interest in rodeo as a media attraction. People were ready to hear from cowboys and cowgirls twenty to forty years after they’d competed in arenas...



Still Captive? Talking Matters
Still Captive? Talking Matters

Full Title: History, Law & the Teaching of High School Journalism by The Society of Professional Journalists' Journalism Education Committee Description: This book is the work of 14 separate individuals who came together out of a mutual...

Full Title: Talking Matters: Research on Talk and Communication of International Teaching Assistants , Edited by Greta Gorsuch The Editor: Greta Gorsuch Description: International Teaching Assistants are (largely) Chinese, Indian, and Korean...



Teaching Applied Creative Thinking The Active Learning Classroom
Teaching Applied Creative ThinkingThe Active Learning Classroom

Authors: Charlie Sweet, Rusty Carpenter, Hal Blythe & Shawn Apostel Description: Publication Date: February 15, 2013 The authors of Teaching Applied Creative Thinking: A New Pedagogy for the 21st Century believe this book to be the first in...

The Authors: Jason Creekmore & Shannon Deaton Description: The goal of the book is simple: To improve student achievement by helping teachers implement active learning strategies in the classroom. To begin, consider the following two...



The Uniting Power of Conflict The Year of the Turnip: A Middle Grade Novel
The Uniting Power of ConflictThe Year of the Turnip: A Middle Grade Novel

Subtitle: A Psychologist’s Proven Strategies for Real-Life Situations Author:  John E. Hoover Learning to deal effectively with conflict and to respect disparate viewpoints is explored in this excellent book.

Author: Glenda Carlile Description: Twelve-year-old Caleb’s parents are pulling up roots and moving the family to a wild and unknown land. There, they will line up, with thousands of other people, to run in the West’s most amazing...



They Were Families: How War Comes Home Transforming Your Students Into Deep Learners
They Were Families: How War Comes HomeTransforming Your Students Into Deep Learners

The distress in the homes of veterans creates an epigenetic burden that is carried most heavily by children. This is a book devoted to helping families cope.

The Authors: Hal Blythe, Charlie Sweet, Bill Phillips & Russell Carpenter Description: Transforming Your Students into Deep Learners: A Guide for Instructors is intended as a follow-up to Achieving Excellence in Teaching: A Self-help Guide...



Practically Speaking, 2nd Edition
Practically Speaking, 2nd Edition

Now in its 2nd Edition, this excellent work has stood the test of time!