Pedagigacon 2019 Special Offer
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Pedagigacon 2019 Special Offer

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100% off any two titles with discounted JFD subscription of $21.95

This offer provides a one-year online individual subscription allowing access from vol. 18 through the current volume, and includes two of the following print titles free. Select this special offer for shopping cart. In comment section indicate the two book titles you wish to receive for free.

The Active Learning Classroom
Strategies for Practical Educators
Active Learning has proven to be one of the most important tools for engaging students, promoting skills in motivation, higher-order thinking, communication, creative thinking, and problem-solving.  These skills are essential for increasing student achievement, however are difficult to foster in the traditional “sage on a stage” model. Educators must learn to adopt a new “guide on the side” teaching paradigm whereby traditional instruction is supplemented by active learning strategies.
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Achieving Excellence in Teaching
A Self-Help Guide
The only book devoted to teaching improvement that combines research-based, highly effective teaching practices with a self-help guide, it is written in an easy-to-read, conversational style. With the authors’ goal of measurable self-improvement in mind, they’ve developed a set of rubrics keyed to each chapter, allowing you to assess where you currently stand as an instructor.
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Teaching Applied Creative Thinking
A New Pedagogy for the 21st Century
While many books talk about creativity and provide the justification for adding creative thinking as a student learning outcome, this book focuses on applying creativity to the teaching and learning process. The authors ask, “does anyone truly believe the world’s problems are going to be solved by students with only a high proficiency in common core competencies?”
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Handbook for Higher Education Faculty
A Framework & Principles for
Success in Teaching
Written and organized to prepare critically reflective teachers to take their place in society and to do that with the knowledge, personal framework and tools to be successful. Readers will look at the changing population of diverse higher education students and how we can build community with them by using our sense of identity as a bridge. Order now or ead more at /our-titles/
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Transforming Your Students into Deep Learners
A Guide for Instructors
This work is intended as a follow-up to Achieving Excellence in Teaching: A Self-help Guide (2014). In Chapter Three of the latter, the authors posited deep learning the major goal of higher education. This book offers a rationale for why K-12 students have difficulty with college teaching—overcoming the learning gap.  To help concerned instructors instill deep learning in their students, the book provides specific strategies based on recent research and experience.
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Scaling the Scholarship Mountain
Achieving Scholarly Productivity
This book is intended to aid you in the climb from your formal education experience to the real world of the scholar. Through a combined total of over 150 years of experience in scholarly productivity, the authors have discovered some key steps toward becoming a scholar. In the pages of this work, they share these steps through explanations, examples, and exercises.
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