Petticoats, Politics, & Pirouettes
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Petticoats, Politics, & Pirouettes

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Title: Petticoats, Politics, & Pirouettes : Oklahoma Women, 1900-1950
Author: Glenda Carlile
Description: Oklahomans in petticoats have excelled and have been recognized all over the world for their outstanding achievements. Petticoats, Politics, and Pirouettes is a collection of stories of Oklahoma women from 1900 to 1910, and their amazing accomplishments. Included are women prominent in politics, such as Alice Robertson, Chief Alice Brown Davis, and Perle Mesta. Others were active in civil rights, such as Ada Lois Sipuel Fisher; and, in the arts, such as the Five Indian Ballerinas, story teller Te Ata, artist Augusta Metcalfe, writer/historian Angie Debo, and show girls Ruby Darby and Mignon Laird. Read the exciting stories of Oklahoma’s first Miss America, Norma Smallwood, or of World War I prisoner of war Rosemary Hogan, and early day female dentist Theresa Hunt Tyler. Wonder at the mysterious Lyde Marland, or outlaw “Ma” Barker, or oil-wealthy Jane Phillips. Learn about the Harvey Girls, and Seminole’s legendary “Granny” Fern McFarland.
Written by Glenda Carlile, author of Buckskin, Calico, and Lace: Oklahoma’s Territorial Women.


  • Augusta Metcalf
    Oklahoma’s Story Book Artist
  • Alice Brown Davis
    Chief of the Seminoles
  • Theresa Hunt Tyler
    Watonga’s First Dentist
  • Mignon Laird
    Zigfield Showgirl
  • Angie Debo
    Oklahoma’s First Lady of History
  • Miss Alice Robertson
    She Kept House For the Nation
  • The Harvey Girls
    The Girls who Won the West
  • Ruby Darby
    The Toast of the Oil-Fields Workers
  • Lyde Roberts Marland
    Oklahoma’s Lady of Mystery
  • Norma Smallwood
    Oklahoma’s first Miss America
  • Jane Phillips
    “Aunt Jane”
  • Oklahoma’s Five Indian Ballerianas
    • Yvonne Choteau
    • Rosella Hightower
    • Moscelyne Larkin
    • Maria Tallchief
    • Marjorie Tallchief
  • Col. Rosemary Hogan
    The Angel of Bataan
  • Fern McFarland
    Seminole’s Granny Fern
  • Arizona Donnie “Kate” Barker
    The Infamous “Ma” Barker
  • Ada Lois Sipuel Fisher
    Pioneer of Integrated Education
  • Perle Mesta
    The Hostess With the Mostess
  • Te Ata
    Bearer of the Morning
  • Alice Marriott
    “The Story Writing Woman”
  • Muriel Hazel Wright
    Keeper of Oklahoma History
  • Mabel Bourne Bassett
    Mother to the State’s Unfortunate

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About the Author: Although not a native Oklahoman, Glenda Carlile considers herself an “Okie” by interest and love. Born in Pennsylvania and raised in Florida, she knew little about Oklahoma before moving to the state in 1962. She attributes her love of Oklahoma history to her husband, Tom, a native Oklahoman.
A former newspaper correspondent for The Daily Oklahoman and The Midwest City Sun and the operator of a local tour company, Glenda became fascinated with the many women who played prominent roles in Oklahoma history and how little is known about them. Her first book, Buckskin, Calico, and Lace was a collection of stories of Oklahoma’s territorial women. Now in Petticoats, Politics, and Pirouettes she continues the vivid accounts of Oklahoma Women and the outstanding contributions they made to the world from 1900 to 1950.
Familiar to audiences across the state, Glenda Carlile, in period costume, presents programs on Oklahoma’s outstanding women. She also is a noted book reviewer, primarily on books by Oklahoma authors or with an Oklahoma theme.
The wife of an osteopathic physician, Glenda has three daughters and two grandchildren. She is known for her community and professional service including serving as the 1989-90 National president of the Auxiliary to the American Osteopathic Association. She is past president of the Oklahoma Center For The Book and an officer for the Oklahoma County Historical Society. Her numerous awards include the Auxiliary to the Oklahoma Osteopathic Association’s 1988 Woman of the Year, the 1990 Distinguished Service Award from the Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine and a joint resolution of commendation from the Oklahoma House of Representatives and the Oklahoma Senate in 1989.
Details: 2007 [ISBN: 1-58107-120-5; 212 pages; 5 ½ x 8 ½ inch; soft cover]