The Cherokee Strip

The Cherokee Strip

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Title: The Cherokee Strip: Its History & Grand Opening, 3rd Edition
Author: D. Earl Newsom

The opening of the Cherokee Outlet, popularly known as the Cherokee Strip, on September 16, 1893 was one of the great spectacles of American history. Relive the excitement in this outstanding volume by D. Earl Newsom, which includes:

  • 160 historical and present-day photographs
  • history of the Cherokee Nation and development of the Outlet
  • close looks at the Cherokee Strip towns of Alva, Blackwell, Enid, Newkirk, Perry, Ponca City, and Woodward
  • history of the famous 101 Ranch
  • a look at the present and future, as well as the history of the Strip
  • eyewitness accounts of the run from a diary of one landseeker
  • Why the Strip Was Created – The Cherokees are Driven West
  • The New Cherokee Nation – The Trail of Tears Leads to Oklahoma
  • Cattlemen Invade the Strip – The Live Stock Association Takes Over
  • On the Cherokee Strip – The 1889 Land Run Stirs Settlers
  • Preparing for Opening – Rules Are Set for the Great Land Run
  • The Grand Opening – A Day of Triumph and Tragedy
  • Alva – The Vast Empire of Woods is Settles
  • Blackwell – "The Rock" Endures After 100 Years
  • Enid – "Queen City of the Outlet"
  • Newkirk – Saloons Provide County Tax Base
  • Perry – Thousands Jammed Hell’s Half Acre
  • Ponca City – One Man’s Dream Came True
  • Woodward – The Pioneers Survive Blizzards and Bobcats
  • The 101 Ranch – "Magic Empire" of the Cherokee Strip
  • Fighting Over the Spoils – The Big Countries Are Carved Up
  • The Strip in Crisis – Farmers and Oilmen Fight to Survive
  • The Years Aheard – Cities Look to Industry and Tourism
  • Reflections From One Hundred Years Ago – Some Eyewitness Recordings
About the Author:

A native of Drumright, OK, D. Earl Newsome is author of four other historical books, including Kicking Bird and the Birth of Oklahoma, Stillwater-One hundred Years of Memories, and two volumes on the great Drumright oil field. He is a graduate of Oklahoma State University and Northwestern University, Evanston, IL. He began his career as a newspaper reporter and editor and then taught journalism at Texas A&M College and the University of Maryland. He has received numerous citations for academic and professional achievement.

Details: 1992, 2009 [ISBN: 1-58107-150-7; 212 pages, 7 1/2 x 9 inch, soft cover]