The Life & Times of Edwin E. Glover

The Life & Times of Edwin E. Glover

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Title: The Life & Times of Edwin E. Glover : Story of a Patriot
Author: Edited by Douglas Dollar
Description: The Scabbard & Blade “They Served” Series has been established to honor outstanding alumni of the noted military honor society. This title is the first in the series, and is devoted to an individual who gave generously of his time and money to advance the Society and its goals. Proceeds from the sales of titles in this series will be used to support the activities of Scabbard & Blade.




Chapter 1: Early Life, in Town and on the Farm


Chapter 2: Pleasant Times at Pleasant Valley School


Chapter 3: A Colorful Family & Colorful Adventures

Chapter 4: Bright High School and College Days


Chapter 5: The Unforgettable War in Europe, 1944-45


Chapter 6: Enduring as a Prisoner of War


Chapter 7: An Exciting Career at Oklahoma State


Chapter 8: Military Honor Society a Big Part My Life


Chapter 9: Remaining Active in Retirement


Epilogue: With "Thanks" to Many

About the Author: Ed Glover was raised by a large, rural family, grew up during the Great Depression, and entered the Army in 1943. He fought in Europe as an infantry lieutenant, was wounded and became a prisoner of war, before returnig home to finish college on the GI bill and begin a highly productive life and a large family. A joiner and highly sociable citizen, he has been a driving force in the community and two national organizations in which he assumed major leadership roles.
Details: 2008 [ISBN: 1-58107-146-9; 66 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, soft cover]