The Road to Recovery

The Road to Recovery

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Title: The Road to Recovery: The Step-By-Step Guide to a Balanced Life
Author: Allan Gates & Charlie Baker
Description: The Road to Recovery: The Step-By-Step Guide to a Balanced Life features a self-examination model that shows recovering individuals how to take charge of their lives -- Is your life out of control? It seems the world and it's standards are meant to tear your world apart with so many changes. Changes bring pain. Changes can also bring pleasure. And if we experience life, we will experience change. Stress is a by-product of change and manifests itself whenever a demand is placed on us, be it a physical, emotional, or mental event in our lives. In their book, Allan Gates and Charlie Baker discuss both change and stress, and focus particularly on how to individuals can work to recover from disrupting changes. Their self-examination model is meant to be a guide for all those recovering from chemical dependency, broken relationships, family problems, or past failures. Get on the road to recovery now!
  • Chapter 1: Recovery and the Impact Issues of Life
  • Chapter 2: Recovery and the Physical Side
  • Chapter 3: Recovery and Balancing the Emotional Side
  • Chapter 4: Recovery and Balancing Relationships
  • Chapter 5: Recovery and Balancing the Spiritual Side
  • Chapter 6: Thought Developers
  • Bibliography
  • Recovery Notes
Reviews: "Insightful look into the process of balance in daily life." -- Dr. Paul Shields, Clinical Program Director


"Excellent step-by-step presentation of the importance of recovery." -- Dr. Bill Gillingham, Associate Professor of Psychology

"This book provides good reality-based material. It covers a practical and basic recovery program." -- Dr. Mike Smith, Director of ONEOK Employee Assistance Program

"A book that outlines hope for recovering persons. Explains the concept of balance in a unique way." -- Richard D. Hefley, LSW, Clinical Social Worker

"Most people are struggling for the knowledge of working through wants versus needs. They frequently have no basic plan for the recovery process. This book is a guide to the process." -- Dr. Jerry Duncan, Licensed Psychologist

About the Author: Allan Gates holds a Masters of Science in Psychological Services. He is currently the Administrator of an inpatient and outpatient Chemical Dependency Treatment Center. He has been the Program Director of Adult Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment Unit, Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment Unit, Eating Disorder Unit, Council on Alcoholism and Hospital Social Services. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and a Certified Alcoholism Counselor. Allan has been the Chairman of the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health Advisory Council on Alcohol/Drug Abuse, Past President of Oklahoma Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Association, Past President of the Oklahoma Drug and Alcohol Consortium, Past President of the Tulsa Drug and Alcohol Counselor Association.


Charlie Baker, B.S., Th.M., is currently a relationship consultant working with individuals, companies, and organizations across the United States. For more than twenty years, Baker has been studying, learning, and teaching principles that help people be their best. His life mission is to help individuals and companies live life out of their being. Charlie’s background covers a broad range of experiences from coaching to pastoring. Speaking to groups of two to 50,000+. He is known for his ability to communicate profound truths with down-to-earth illustrations to people of all ages and backgrounds. His work with companies includes a variety of subjects from leadership development to customer service. He lives to help.

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