University Management 2010

University Management 2010

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Title: University Management 2010: Challenging Choices and Difficult Decisions
Author: W.A. Sibley
Description: For this country to grow together and compete effectively internationally in the next millennium, the university community must establish new goals to maintain the necessary educational and expertise levels. Dr. W.A. Sibley argues that the management of higher education must change over the next decade to achieve these goals, and offers a review of the present opportunities and pressures in higher education institution management and ways to meet these challenges. The reader is asked to be involved in solutions of real-life situations. The focus is on Chairs, Deans, and Vice-Presidents who must take information from diverse sources and apply wisdom in order to promote vision, formulate policy, help people, determine priorities, and manage events.
Contents: Chapters
  1. Challenges
  2. Leadership Strengths
  3. The Faculty: Responsibility & Ownership
  4. Students: Ever Higher Expectations
  5. Accountability and Assessment
  6. Reviewing Opinions, Data, and Options
  7. How to Pay for People, Bricks, and Technical Toys
  8. Fear of Failure Leads You There



Higher Education Abstract, Summer 1999 (Volume 34, Number4)
"This book discusses the challenges universities face in changing times and explains how chairpersons, deans, and vice presidents can initiate positive change. The author examines the strengths and stresses of leadership, discusses faculty growth areas that need to be developed, considers the ever higher expectations of students, and reviews accountability and assessment. He explains the use of data in decision-making, provides guidelines for budgeting, and encourages readers to stand up for what they know is needed. The book offers real-life applications of management concepts and provides nuggets of wisdom to guide leaders’ actions."

– Vice President of Academic Affairs, University of Alabama, Birmingham.

A reader from Washington, DC, April 13, 1999
"Management strategies for universities in the 21st century -- University Management 2010, a compelling distillation of Dr. William Sibley’s long and distinguished career in higher education, is a thoughtful analysis of the issues facing the modern university. Subtitled, “Challenging Choices and Difficult Decisions,” the book presents an approach to university management that treats issues of programs, research, leadership, the role of faculty, student expectations and needs, accountability and assessment, and the finances that underpin the entire structure.

"This book is relevant not only to the higher education community, rather, it is one that has significance for a broader public that recognizes the implications of a strong and viable higher education system on the national infrastructure. In a business – and technology-driven society, the university is no longer an ivory tower. Universities are key players in the accomplishment of national goals. They must be responsive not only to the education and training needs of all citizens, but must continue to serve as the seedbed for the basic research that lies at the foundations of commerce and industry.

"Just as with other institutions and endeavors, it is necessary to understand the pressures and motivations within universities. Dr. Sibley discusses these issues in the context of developing the management strategies that will allow universities to maintain a strong position in the nest millennium.

"Beyond the text itself, Dr. Sibley has amassed a list of references that, taken on their own, provide an excellent course of reading for those who wish to acquire a broader understanding of the context in which universities operate.
In summary, I found University Management 2010 to be an superb resource, both for the university community and those concerned with maintaining the strength and excellence of the American university."

About the Author: Dr. W.A. Sibley has served in the roles of Department Head, School Physical Science Director, Vice President for Research, Acting Graduate Dean, and most recently Vice President of Academic Affairs at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. His research work has been sponsored by the Department of Energy, the Department of Defense, and the National Science Foundation.
Details: 1998 [ISBN: 0-58107-001-2; 78 pages soft cover; 8.5-by-11-inch]