Working Theories for Teaching Assistant Development
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Working Theories for Teaching Assistant Development

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Time-Tested & Robust Theories, Frameworks, & Models for TA & ITA Learning




Greta Gorsuch



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This extensive, edited volume showcases established and emerging scholars in the field of Teaching Assistant (TA) and International Teaching Assistant (ITA) education. Working Theories goes beyond reporting good practices or program descriptions, which typically comprises many books on TA and ITA development.  Instead, Working Theories places time-tested, robust theories, frameworks, and models of TA and ITA learning and development at the center of graduate student education by providing a scholarly venue for description, explication, and application of these theories. In turn, these theories and models from psychology, sociology, pedagogy, discourse analysis, and second language learning will be presented in such as way as to inform good practice, but above all, motivate future research.





by Greta Gorsuch, Texas Tech University


Chapters Focusing on Teaching Assistants in General


Scalable Design Principles for TA Development: Lessons from Research, Theory and Experience

by Patricia Hardre, University of Oklahoma


The Role of Theory in TA and ITA Research

by Dale T. Griffee, Texas Tech University


Feedback about Graduate Teaching Assistants’ Pedagogical Practices: Content Validation of a Survey Informed from Principles of the “How People Learn” Framework

by Monica F. Cox, Jiabin Zhu, Jeremi London, Jeeyeon Hahn, and Benjamin Ahn, School of Engineering Education, Purdue University


A Theoretical and Empirical Basis for Studying Student-Instructor Relationships

by Patricia A. Jarvis, Illinois State University and Gary L. Creasey, Illinois State University


Teaching Assistant Development Through a Fresh Lens: A Self-determination Framework

by Patricia Hardre, University of Oklahoma


Preparing the Future Professoriate in Second Language Acquisition

by Amy S. Thompson, University of South Florida; Shaofeng Li, University of Auckland; Benjamin White, Marshall University; Shawn Loewen, Michigan State University; and Susan Gass, Michigan State University


The Development of Disciplinary Communication Competence Among Teaching Assistants: A Research Agenda

by Nanda Dimitrov, University of Western Ontario


Using Grounded Theory to Develop Emergent Explanations on how Second and Foreign Language TAs Construct Their Teacher Theory

by Dale T. Griffee, Texas Tech University


Conceptualizing Graduate Teaching Assistant Development Through Stages of Concern

by Miriam Ferzli, Tamah Morant, Barbie Honeycutt, Sarah Egan Warren, Molly Fenn, and Brenda Burns, North Carolina State University


Appropriating Conceptual and Pedagogical Tools of Literacy: A Qualitative Study of Two Novice Foreign Language Teaching Assistants

by Beatrice Dupuy, University of Arizona and Heather Willis Allen, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Does Instruction Make a Difference? Concept Development in Applied Linguistics M.A. Students

by Greta Gorsuch, Texas Tech University


Articles Focusing More Exclusively on International Teaching Assistants


Rapport Management of International Teaching Assistants (ITAs) in Their Teaching

by Yuan Zhang, Illinois State University


Bridging Theory and Practice: A Microethnographic Case Study of International Teaching Assistants Socialization into an American University

by Baburhan Uzum, Michigan State University


The Roles of Teacher Theory and Domain Theory in Materials and Research in International Teaching Assistant Education

by Greta Gorsuch, Texas Tech University


A Corpus-Based Study of Teaching Assistant (TA) and International Teaching Assistant (ITA) Language Use in University Settings

by Catherine Smith, University of Minnesota (Morris)


Written English into Spoken: A Functional Discourse Analysis of American, Indian, and Chinese TA Presentations

by John Levis, Greta Muller Levis, Tammy Slater, Iowa State University


The Impact of High Stakes Test of Spoken Language Ability on the Development of ITAs' Strategic Competence

by Shahrzhad Saif, Universite Leval


Chinese International Teaching Assistants and the Essence of Intercultural Competence in University Contexts

by Mary Jo Fletcher LaRocco, Salve Regina University


Learning to Make Suggestions in a Chemistry Lab

by Binmei Liu, University of Florida



About the Editor: Greta Gorsuch is an Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics & Second Language Studies at Texas Tech University, and has researched educational programs and ITA education for ten years. Her publications have appeared in English for Specific Purposes, Journal of Faculty Development, The Journal of Graduate Teaching Assistant Development, and Education Policy Analysis Archives, among others. She edited The Language Teacher (The Japan Association of Language Teaching) and has guest edited special issues of System and TESL-EJ.
Details: 2012 [ISBN: 1-58107-224-4; 680 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, soft cover]